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Going Away to College

StudentFor Ohio residents going away to college, you may be wondering what your filing requirements are. You would still need to file an Ohio Individual Income Tax Return, regardless of where you go to college. As long as you are an Ohio resident you will still need to file. If you are away at college during the year, but come home for the summers, you are still an Ohio resident, and will need to file state and local taxes as if you lived with your parents the whole year. You will file your state, school district and local taxes based on your home address, not your apartment or dorm at school.

However, if you stay at college for the entire year because you found a job at college or you just don’t intend moving back home, then you would file state, school district and local taxes based on your college address. If you were to go to college out of state and live there the entire year with no plans on coming back to Ohio, you would be considered a resident of that state and would not have to file for Ohio. For more information, see the Going to College page under Filing My Ohio Income Tax Return.