Tax Data Series

Real Property

Taxable Value of Real Property by Class of Property and County
Calendar Year 1989

All real property (except railroad property) in Ohio is classified by county auditors into one of five categories, depending on the property's highest or best probable use or current use for certain agricultural property. These categories are residential, agricultural, industrial, commercial (includes public utility real property), and mineral.

In calendar year 1989, the total taxable value of all real property in Ohio was approximately $85,622 million. Of this amount, $55,681 million or 65.0% was classified as residential property, $5,126 million or 6.0% was classified as agricultural property, $5,567 million or 6.5% was classified as industrial property, $19,111 million or 22.3% was classified as commercial property, and $136 million or 0.2% was classified as mineral property.