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Tangible Personal Property Tax

Tangible Personal Property Tax Data
Taxes Levied by All Governmental Units and Value of Property, by City, Calendar Year 1986

Tangible personal property taxes levied within cities by all local governments in Ohio for calendar year 1986 were $652.8 million on a total assessed value of $11.1 billion. Both of these figures are after deduction of the $10,000 exemption granted each taxpayer. However, local governments were reimbursed by the state for the revenue loss caused by the $10,000 exemption. These figures represent taxes levied for 1987 to be collected in the same year. This differs from real estate and public utility property taxes which are levied for a given year to be collected mainly in the following year.

Table PD-17 in previous years included data on the breakdown of the taxes levied by type of governmental unit and also included data on the amount of delinquent taxes. These data will not be available for 1986 and, therefore, are not included on this table.

The figures shown have been compiled from abstracts filed by county auditors with the Ohio Department of Taxation, Tax Equalization Division.