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School District Income Tax Distributions Detailed Quarterly Report, Tax Year 2010

Table SD-3 shows detailed quarterly allocations of school district income taxes to school districts.  The attached file contains three worksheets for the first three quarters of calendar year 2010. Worksheets titled Q1 and Q2 will show allocations of school district income taxes during the first half of calendar year 2010 (second half of fiscal year 2010) while worksheet Q3 will show allocations for the third quarter of calendar year 2010 (first quarter of fiscal year 2011).

The data in the SD-3 show more detail than the SD-2, including identifying the tax year for which payments are made.  Please note that the figures in this table will not exactly match the actual distributions contained in the SD-2.  These data are from the ODT computer system prior to adjustments that may be necessary before monies are distributed.  The data are primarily made available to assist school district in forecasting school district income tax receipts.