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School District Taxable Property Values, Taxes Levied and Tax Rates for Current Expenses, and Average Property Values Per Pupil, Tax Year 1998

In the 1998 tax year, Ohio school districts' current operating levies (including emergency levies and joint vocational school operating levies) yielded a total of $6.3 billion in property taxes on taxable value of $180.5 billion. Included in these total amounts are $4.5 billion in real property taxes charged against taxable value of $143.2 billion, $0.7 billion in public utility personal property taxes charged against $14.4 billion in taxable value and $1.1 billion in (non-utility) tangible personal property taxes charged against taxable value of $22.9 billion. Tax year 1998 real property and public utility personal property taxes are payable in calendar year 1999. Tangible personal property taxes for tax year 1998 were payable in calendar year 1998.

Real property taxes are shown after application of "tax reduction factors". However, real and personal property taxes shown in the table include tax amounts reduced under various property tax programs, since these are fully reimbursed to local school districts by the state (i.e., the 10 percent and 2.5 percent rollbacks and homestead exemption programs for real property, and the $10,000 exemption program for personal property). In addition, the value of property exempted by the $10,000 exemption program is included in the tangible personal property valuation figures in this table. The table also shows calculated effective operating millage rates for real and tangible personal property and average property values per pupil. In 1998, millage rates for school district operating levies ranged from a high of 62.07 mills on real property and 137.73 mills for tangible personal property in Shaker Heights City School District (Cuyahoga County) to a low of 18.39 mills on real property in Kelley's Island Local School District (Erie County) and 20.0 mills on tangible personal property in Eastern Local School District (Meigs County) and Meigs Local School District (Meigs County). The statewide average school district operating millage on real property was 31.65 effective mills; on tangible personal property, 48.19 mills. Kelleys Island Local School District (Erie County) ranked number one in the state in average total taxable property value per pupil with an average of $1,018,063. Trimble Local School District (Athens County) ranked number 611 with the lowest per pupil average of $22,662. The state average was $99,831.

Data are derived from real/public utility personal property and tangible personal property abstracts filed by county auditors with the Ohio Department of Taxation and records of the Ohio Department of Education.