Tax Data Series

Sales and Use Tax

County and Regional Transit Authority Permissive Sales and Use Tax Collections and Tax Rates Calendar Year 1997 & 1998

As of December 31, 1998, the Ohio Department of Taxation administered permissive sales and use taxes for 88 counties and six transit authorities. The county permissive sales tax levies ranged from 0.5 percent up to 1.5 percent, while the transit authority levies ranged from 0.25 percent up to 1.0 percent. The permissive tax and the transit authority tax are enacted at the local level but are collected by the state along with a five- percent state sales tax. The local share is returned to the counties and regional transit authorities.

Calendar year 1998 receipts from the county permissive sales and use tax were approximately $975.3 million, up 5.4 percent from 1997. In addition, receipts from the transit tax were approximately $242.9 million, up 7.7 percent from the previous year. Overall, total collections were $1,218.2 million, a 5.8 percent increase over calendar year 1997.

Figures shown in this publication are from records of the Sales and Use Tax Division of the Ohio Department of Taxation.