Tax Data Series

Sales and Use Tax: County and Transit Authority Permissive Sales and Use Tax Distribution Report: Accounting Period July 2018 and Calendar Year to Date Including Comparisons to Prior Calendar Year (rounded to the nearest dollar)

The Ohio Department of Taxation administers permissive sales and use taxes for 88 counties and eight transit authorities. The county tax and the transit authority tax are enacted at the local level, but are collected by the state along with a 5.75 percent state sales tax.

Each monthly tax collections figure shown in this table represents the amount of permissive sales and use tax collected on tax returns that were filed with the state during the indicated month. For monthly filers, the tax return is due by the 23rd of the month. For semi-annual filers, the tax return is due by the 23rd of the month following the end of the semi-annual period. (In addition, there are several other types of accounts with payment and filing schedules different than those indicated above.) Because most of the revenue is attributable to monthly filers, the monthly collections figure primarily reflects economic activity that occurred in the month prior to the collection month. Because of the time required to process tax returns and to identify the proper permissive tax amounts for each county and transit authority, the revenue from the monthly collections is distributed to the counties and regional transit authorities in the second month following the collection month. For example, this means that sales made in January are primarily reflected in February collections, which are distributed as revenue to the counties and transit authorities in April. (For exact collections by month, please refer to the data made available by the Department’s Revenue Accounting Division.)

In July 2018, county permissive sales tax levies ranged from 0.50 percent to 1.50 percent, while the transit authority levies ranged from 0.25 percent to 1.00 percent. The revenue receipts from the county permissive sales and use tax were $185.4 million while receipts from the transit tax were approximately $40.9 million for total collections of $226.3 million. This is a decrease of 5.5 percent over collections of $239.4 million in July 2017.

Figures shown in this publication are from records of the Revenue Accounting Division of the Ohio Department of Taxation.