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Valuation of Real Property Exempted by Tax Abatements, by Class of Abatement and County, Calendar Year 1992

The value of real property in Ohio that was exempt from taxation amounted to $17,349,182,390 (see PE-2) for tax year 1992. Of this amount, $1,627,701,390 was exempt from taxation due to exemptions granted by local governments through tax abatements. The largest type of tax abatement program is the community reinvestment program with $802,043,090 in exempt value. Tax abatements are granted by county, township and municipal governments for the purposes of economic development and urban renewal. Table PE-3 shows the value of the real property exempted using tax abatements, by abatement class, and by county.

Each abatement class shown in the table is a program administered by county, township or municipal governments.

The five tax abatement classes are as follows:

* Community urban redevelopment corporation abatement (ORC 1728.01 - 1728.13) - exempts value of improvements to real property by designated corporations in certain blighted areas. The corporations make service payments in lieu of real property taxes. Designated by municipal authorities;

* Community reinvestment area abatements (ORC 3735.65 - 3735.70) - exempts certain real property improvements in areas designated by municipal or county authorities;

* Urban redevelopment tax increment financing (ORC 5709.41 - 5709.43) - exempts improvements to real property to which a municipality or a township holds title. Local officials may require the "lessee" to pay service fees equivalent to the tax that would have been collected had exemptions not been granted;

* Municipal urban renewal abatements (ORC 725.01 - 725.11) - exempts improvements to real property in designated "urban renewal areas". A municipality then requires service fees to be paid by the owner to service outstanding urban renewal bonds issued by the municipality;

* Other abatements - comprised mainly of enterprise zone tax abatements. Enterprise zones are designated by municipalities or by counties with the municipalities' consent.

Figures shown are compiled from Exempted Real Property Abstracts filed by county auditors.