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Real Property Valuations
Valuation of Exempt Real Property by Class and County, Calendar Year 1999

While about $156.6 billion of assessed real property value was taxable in Ohio during tax year 1999, about $25.0 billion was exempt from taxation due to provisions of the Ohio Constitution and the Revised Code. Table PE-2 shows the value of the exempted assessed real property by property class and by county.

The exempted property is broken into property classes based on reasons for exemption, ownership of the property, or purposes for which the property is used. Real property owned by federal, state, or local governments is exempt from real property taxation and is shown in the table under the categories, "United States of America," "State of Ohio," "County," "Townships," "Municipalities," and "Boards of Education". Other real property owned by governments and used for recreational rather than governmental purposes is found in the category of "Conservancy Districts and Park Districts". Privately-owned educational facilities are exempted and their exempted values are found in the category of "Schools, Colleges, and Academies". Real property owned by institutions with tax exempt status are found in the categories of "Charitable Institutions" and "Churches". Property used as cemeteries and fixtures used in cemeteries are in the category of "Cemeteries and Monuments". Municipal, township and county governments can grant exemptions as incentives for economic development and urban renewal; these forms of exempt real property would fall under the heading of "Tax Abatements".

The largest class of exempted assessed real property is "Boards of Education" property valued at approximately $3.9 billion, and municipalities were the second largest class at $3.4 billion. The fastest growing class of exempted property is the tax abatement category.

The figures shown were compiled from the Exempted Real Property Abstracts filed by county auditors.