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Real Property Tax Relief, Number of Homestead Exemptions Granted, Average Reduction in Taxable Value and Total Reduction in Taxes, by County, Tax Year 1997

Homestead exemption property tax reductions were granted to 242,525 homeowners for the 1997 tax year (manufactured homeowners are not included - see table HE-2 for additional information). Qualified senior citizens or disabled homeowners receive tax reductions based on their total income, provided that the income does not exceed $20,800. The taxes on the property owned by such taxpayers were reduced by $66,774,089. The average tax reduction amounted to $275.33.

Overall, the number of homestead exemptions granted decreased by 2.9%, the average reduction in property value decreased by 1.9% and the total reduction in property taxes decreased by 4.0%.

Cuyahoga County had the greatest number of homeowners receiving this tax reduction, 38,178, and the largest total reduction in taxes, $13,492,145. Holmes County had the least number of homeowners receiving this tax reduction, 404, while Morgan County had the least total reduction in taxes, $91,256.

The figures in the first two columns of this table were compiled through a survey of county auditors conducted by the Ohio Department of Taxation. The data in the third column showing the reduction in real property taxes are the actual amounts reimbursed to each county for the homestead exemption, including reimbursements for refunds issued by the county to taxpayers that filed "late" applications for the tax year 1997 homestead exemption. Administrative fees of $1,320,576 paid to the county auditors are excluded from Table HE-1.