Tax Data Series

PROPERTY TAX MILLAGE RATES:  Average Tax Rates for Real & Public Utility Tangible Personal Property, by County, for Taxes Collected in Calendar Year 2014

Table PR-6 shows average property tax rates for taxes due in calendar year 2014 in each of Ohio's counties.  The rates reflect all levies by all jurisdictions (school district, county, municipality, etc.) for property located in each county.  The calculated tax rates are shown for three separate classifications:  Class I Real (residential and agricultural), Class II Real (commercial, industrial, mineral, and public utility) and Public Utility Tangible Personal Property.  Rates are expressed in mills; a mill is equivalent to $1 per $1,000 of taxable value.

Gross and net tax rates are shown for the two major classes of real property. The gross tax rates are the actual rates applied to real property taxable values. The net tax rates are essentially effective tax rates; they are derived after applying the percentage reductions on taxes levied under R.C. 319.301(D).  The percentage reductions are known as “tax reduction factors.”  These factors require the application of a tax credit to each property’s tax bill. This tax credit reduces the calculated tax after application of the gross tax rate.  The net tax rates were computed prior to any reduction of real property taxes resulting from the 10 percent credit for all real property not used for business purposes, the 2.5 percent credit for owner-occupied residential property, or the homestead exemption.  Unlike real property, only the gross rate is applied to public utility tangible personal property.

Average tax rates were calculated by dividing tax year 2013 property taxes by tax year 2013 property values.  The statewide average gross real property tax rate for taxes collected in calendar year 2014 was 91.71 for residential and agricultural property (Class I), and 95.39 mills for public utility, commercial, industrial and mineral property (Class II).  The statewide average net real property tax rate for taxes collected in calendar year 2014 was 64.68 mills for Class I, and 79.85 mills for Class II. The statewide average public utility tangible personal property tax rate was 79.85.

Cuyahoga County had the highest gross real property tax rates (both Class I and Class II), the highest net Class I property tax rate and the highest public utility tangible personal property tax rate in the state while Montgomery County had the highest net Class II property tax rate in the state.  Lawrence County continued to have the lowest property tax rates in the state for all categories. 

Data for this table were taken from abstracts filed by county auditors with the Ohio Department of Taxation.