Tax Data Series


Taxable Value of Real Property by Class of Property and County, Calendar year 2015

All real property (except railroad property) in Ohio is classified by county auditors; these classifications fall into one of five categories, depending on the properties’ highest and best possible use, or for certain agricultural property its current use. These categories are: residential, agricultural, industrial, commercial (includes public utility real property), and mineral.

In calendar year 2015, the total taxable value of all real property in Ohio was approximately $234.2 billion, an increase of 1.7% from calendar year 2014. Of this amount, $164.4 billion or 70.2% was classified as residential property, $19.2 billion or 8.2% was classified as agricultural property, $9.7 billion or 4.2% was classified as industrial property, $40.1 billion or 17.1% was classified as commercial property, and $0.7 billion or 0.3% was classified as mineral property.

The counties with the highest percentage of each of the five property categories were: residential, Delaware County (85.4%); agricultural, Hardin County (50.5%); industrial, Adams County (14.8%); commercial, Cuyahoga County (25.0%); and mineral, Harrison County (30.8%).

The counties with the lowest percentage of each of the five property categories were: residential, Monroe County (32.5%); agricultural, Cuyahoga County (0.0%); industrial, Athens County (0.7%); commercial, Vinton County (3.7%); and 32 counties reported having no mineral property value.

These figures are taken from real property abstracts filed by county auditors with the Ohio Department of Taxation.