Tax Data Series

Amounts Distributed within County Budget Commissions, by Subdivision or Subdivision Class, Calendar Year 2013

The amount that each county receives from the state local government fund (LGF) is expressly designated for deposit into the county undivided local government fund (CULGF). All of the money received by a CULGF is distributed within the county to eligible subdivisions: municipalities, townships, park districts, public assistance programs and county government itself. 

On the following tables, table LG-3 shows the total amount of money distributed within each county from its CULGF during 2013, by subdivision class.  The amount received by each individual local entity from each CULGF is shown in Table LG-5.

In calendar year 2013, the total amount distributed from the state LGF to each county was $327,985,927. The amount distributed from each CULGF to the respective local governments was $329,155,720; these data derived from surveys filed by county auditors with the Ohio Department of Taxation.

The difference between what was distributed by the state and what was reported by the surveys can be attributed to the following:  Columbiana County has a portion of its distributions sent to its fiscal agent for loan repayment, and four other counties (Meigs, Hardin, Shelby and Vinton) overpaid its localities due to corrections and/or adjustments. 

Of $329,155,720, municipal distributions were $172.7 million, townships received approximately $31.7 million, counties retained $118.6 million and $6.2 million was allocated to Ohio park districts.  The total amount shown distributed to all cities for 2013 was $155.3 million while the village total was $17.4 million.
For additional data concerning amounts allocated from the State Local Government Fund to each county for budget commission distribution and directly to each municipality levying an income tax, see Tables LG-1 & LG-2