Tax Data Series

STATE AND COUNTY LOCAL GOVERNMENT FUNDS: Amounts Distributed to Counties and Eligible Municipalities, Calendar Year 2016

In calendar year 2016, approximately $353.5 million was distributed from the state local government fund (LGF) with $10.3 million distributed directly to municipalities levying income taxes and almost $343.2 million distributed to each county’s undivided local government fund. The allocation of the total between the municipal and county portions is determined using a statutory formula (Section 5747.50, Ohio Revised Code). Note that one-half of Columbiana County’s distribution is redirected to a fiscal agent for repayment of a loan. The figures shown here are inclusive of that redirected distribution.

Table LG-1 shows the total revenues distributed to each county undivided local government fund from the LGF. The total amount distributed from the fund in calendar year 2016 was $343.2 million. Table LG-2 shows the amount distributed to each municipality in 2016. Of the $10.3 million total, $9.6 million was distributed to cities and the remainder to villages.

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Figures shown were compiled from records of the Ohio Department of Taxation.