Tax Data Series

Local Government Funds

Library and Local Government Support Fund
Amounts Distributed to Counties, Calendar Year 1992

The library and local government support fund was created in House Bill 291 of the 115th General Assembly. It replaces the locally-collected intangible property tax, which was repealed beginning in calendar year 1986. This fund provides state aid to counties on a monthly basis for libraries and local governments, which were receiving revenue from the intangible property tax.

The total amount distributed to the counties for calendar year 1992 was $268,793,142. The budget bill for the 1992-1993 biennium (House Bill 298, effective July 26, 1991), froze the distributions from this fund for calendar year 1992 at the same amounts distributed in 1991.

The revenues received from the library and local government support fund are distributed by the County Budget Commission. During 1992, less than 2 percent went to local governments with the balance going to libraries.

Figures shown were compiled from records of the Ohio Department of Taxation.