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Individual Income Tax

Individual Income Tax
2007 Income Tax Returns By Income Class

A total of 5,503,171 Ohio personal income tax returns were filed for tax year 2007 (April 15, 2008 filing deadline). This represented an increase of 2.9 percent from the number of returns filed the previous year. Total federal adjusted gross income of approximately $376.0 billion was reported on the returns, an increase of 10.8 percent from the amount reported for 2006. The average federal adjusted gross income per return was $68,327, an increase of 7.7 percent from 2006. Taxpayers claimed personal exemptions ($1,450 per person) valued at approximately $15.7 billion, an average of $2,852 per return, or slightly less than two exemptions per return. Ohio taxable income as reported on the returns was $347.6 billion, an average of $65,619 per return taxable income greater than zero.

Ohio's graduated income tax rates are applied to the Ohio taxable income figure to obtain the tax liability before any credits are calculated.  The 2007 tax rates were applied to segments of taxable income, with a 0.649 percent rate applied to the first $5,000 of every taxpayer's taxable income up to a top rate of 6.555 percent on that portion of a taxpayer's taxable income which exceeded $200,000.  Applying these graduated tax rates to Ohio taxable income for all taxpayers yielded a figure of about $15.9 billion.

Net tax liability after subtraction of the personal exemption credit, joint filer credit for two working spouses, senior citizen credit, and other credits was $9.4 billion.

Because of changes to our data collection techniques, beginning with the 2005 Y-1 table, we are able to provide information on a greater number of data elements than in prior years.  We have also collapsed the income breakouts at the lower levels of income while expanding the data available at the higher levels of income.  Because of the expanded data, we are only providing the Y-1 table in Excel format, rather than both that format and PDF.  

All figures shown in table Y-1 were compiled from returns filed for tax year 2006 with the Ohio Department of Taxation.