Tax Data Series

Individual Income Tax

2011 Detailed Income Tax Data

In addition to tables Y-1, 2, and 3, the Tax Analysis Division compiles a number of additional tables of individual income tax data from Ohio income tax returns; there are 9 such tables for tax year 2011. These tables are only available in XLS format. To download one, click on the link located next to it shown in the list below.  

Table 11:  Returns Filed by Joint Filer Credit Claimants by FAGI.XLS

Table 15:  Returns Filed by Senior Citizen Credit Claimants by FAGI.XLS

Table 17:  Returns Filed by Married Filing Jointly Taxpayers by FAGI.XLS

Table 19:  Returns Filed by Married Filing Separate Taxpayers by FAGI.XLS

Table 21:  Returns Filed by Single Taxpayers by FAGI.XLS

Table 23:  All Returns by Ohio Taxable Income.XLS

Table 33:  Components of Income by County and Income Level.XLS

Table 34:  Returns Filed by Retirement Income Credit Claimants by FAGI.XLS

Table 35:  Returns Claiming Social Security Deduction.XLS