Tax Data Series

Corporation Franchise Tax

Corporate Franchise Tax Tables: Refundable and Nonrefundable Tax Credits Claimed, Tax Year 2009

The CF-Credits table is a supplement to the CF1-5 tax data series.  It provides detail on the tax credits claimed by general (non-financial institution) corporate franchise taxpayers.  Both refundable and nonrefundable credits are shown in the table, as is the manufacturing grant. Values are shown on both a pre phase-out factor and a post phase-out factor basis.

The nonrefundable tax credits shown include the coal credit for electric companies, the job training credit, the small telephone company credit, and all other credits (see the table for a complete list of other available credits).  There were 151 nonrefundable credits claimed amounting to $2.0 million (after the phase-out factor). 

There were 81 corporate franchise taxpayers claiming the refundable job creation tax credit in tax year 2009, amounting to $12.5 million.

Lastly, there were 918 corporate franchise taxpayers claiming the nonrefundable manufacturing grant amounting to $8.1 million.

The data shown on these tables were compiled from returns (form FT-1120) filed for tax year 2009 with the Ohio Department of Taxation.