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Corporate Franchise Tax Tables
Refundable and Nonrefundable Tax Credits Claimed, Tax Year 2002

The attached corporate franchise tax table was created as a supplement to the CF1-5 tax data series tables for tax year 2002. It provides detail on the tax credits claimed by general (non-financial institution) corporate franchise taxpayers.

Both refundable and nonrefundable credits are shown in the table. The job creation tax credit is the only refundable credit in tax year 2002; there were 240 corporate franchise taxpayers claiming this credit, amounting to $33.1 million.

The nonrefundable tax credits shown include the manufacturing investment credit, the Ohio coal credit for electric companies, the export sales credit and other miscellaneous credits (see the table for a complete list). There were 2,521 nonrefundable credits claimed amounting to $109.1 million.

The data shown on these tables were compiled from returns filed for tax year 2002 with the Ohio Department of Taxation.

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