Tax Data Series

Corporation Franchise Tax

Corporate Franchise Tax:  Number of Manufacturing Corporations and Reported Tax Liability by Tax Base, Tax Year 1998

These tables show the total reported Ohio corporate franchise tax liability reported by 15,101 manufacturing corporations for tax year 1998 that amounted to $417.2 million. The reported liability before credits was $467.4 million, but tax credits reduced the net liability by $50.2 million. About 80 percent of the manufacturing tax liability was based on net income while about 20 percent was paid on the net worth base. The remaining liability was collected from the minimum tax.

Tables CF-3A and 3B show the number of corporations and the reported total tax liabilities by tax base for each of the manufacturing categories.

Tables CF-4A and 4B show the manufacturing returns by the size of the reported tax liability per return. The number of corporations and total tax liability are shown for each of the alternative tax bases for 18 tax liability classes.

The data shown on these tables were compiled from returns filed for tax year 1998 with the Ohio Department of Taxation.