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Property Taxes: Delinquent Property Taxes
Taxes Due and Payable, by County, in Calendar Year 1999

The table shows total delinquent property taxes for calendar year 1999 for all Ohio counties. The delinquent taxes listed include taxes unpaid in the calendar year 1999 as well as in proceeding years which were still unpaid in 1999. Three categories of delinquent taxes are presented: tangible personal property; all real property plus public utility personal property (delinquencies for real and public utility personal property taxes are not separated on the county auditor abstracts); and special assessments. The actual amounts of the delinquencies, and additional penalties and interest imposed on the delinquent taxes are included in the figures.

Total delinquencies were $888.0 million, a 1.5% decrease from the 1998 total of $901.1 million. Of this amount, real and public utility personal property delinquencies comprised $550.5 million while tangible personal property delinquencies amounted to $264.1 million. Special assessment delinquencies totaled $73.4 million.

Among Ohio counties, Cuyahoga had the highest amount of total delinquencies, with $176.1 million. Approximately $118.2 million of this amount was comprised of real property. Morgan County had the lowest amount of delinquencies at $455,245 (real property accounted for $385,763 of this amount).

Data for this table were taken from abstracts filed by county auditors with the Ohio Department of Taxation.