Tax Data Series


2007 Property Tax Rate Abstract by Taxing District

Property tax rate abstracts are filed with the Ohio Department of Taxation, Tax Equalization Division annually by each county auditor. The attached self-extracting file compiles the rate abstracts by taxing district for all 88 counties into an easily usable DBF file*. The file shows gross and effective tax rates, purpose/type, and levy year for every levy in existence in the state of Ohio. When executed and unzipped, two files will be saved: a readme.txt file to explain all of the variables and fields and rates06.dbf. 

* It is necessary to use this DBF file in a database environment; using Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application will result in truncated data. There are approximately 106,000 records in this file. If using Microsoft Access, create a new database and import the DBF file into it. If any questions or concerns arise, feel free to contact Tax Analysis at 614/466-3960 or e-mail to