Tax Data Series


2001 Property Tax Rate Abstract by Taxing District

Property tax rate abstracts are filed with the Tax Equalization Division annually by each county auditor. The attached self-extracting file compiles the rate abstracts by taxing district for all 88 counties into an easily usable DBF file*. The file shows gross and effective tax rates, purpose/type, and levy year for every levy in existence in the state of Ohio. When executed and unzipped, a readme.doc file will be available that will explain all of the variables and fields.

* It is necessary to use this DBF file in a database environment; using Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application will result in truncated data. There are approximately 99,000 records in this file. If using Microsoft Access, create a new database and import the DBF file into it. If any questions or concerns arise, feel free to contact Tax Analysis at 614-466-3960 or e-mail to