FAQs - School District: Income

I did not receive my school district booklet in the mail, why?How do I determine if I'm a resident of a school district?How do I know what school district I live in?I just received my W-2 and discovered school district withholding. I didn't live in a school district that imposes school district income tax at all last year. What should I do?I only lived part of the year in a school district that imposes school district income tax. How do I complete my return?My employer says he won't withhold for me. What do I do?My W-2 does not identify school district withholding. What do I do?What should I do if I am a part-year resident of two taxing school districts?How do I correct my Ohio SD 100 after I have already filed it?I owe for one district and will get a refund for the other one. Can you just credit my balance owed with my refund?I'm retired and don't have to file a federal or state return. Do I need to file a school district return?What is an "earned income" school district? If I don't owe any school district tax, do I still file a return?Do I have to file estimated tax?Are my children liable for the school district income tax?I don't have the money to pay by the due date, what do I do?If I can't pay by the deadline, what will be the extra charge?I can't file my Ohio SD 100 by the deadline. Can I get an extension?I'm filing my Ohio SD 100 with an extension. When must I pay?Does Ohio’s school district income tax apply to estates?When is the decedent’s final Ohio school district income tax return due?Is the estate’s representative personally liable for unpaid school district income tax? I claimed the Small Business Investor Income Deduction on Ohio form IT 1040. How will this affect the way I file my Ohio SD 100?