Sales and Use Tax

Record Retention Notice

April 1, 1997 through June 30, 1997

The sales tax law allows vendors conducting food service operations and who have not been convicted of a criminal violation of Section 5739.99 of the Ohio Revised Code, an option of keeping fourteen (14) days of sales records per calendar quarter in lieu of records of all sales from their food service operation. If you elect not to retain the records of all your sales, the records of sales made on fourteen days out of each quarter as specified by the Tax Commissioner after the quarter is over, are required to be kept for the four year statutory period.

The Tax Commissioner wants all vendors considering this option to realize that while they may alleviate some storage problems, tax liabilities under audit circumstances may be determined by test checks. By law, test checks are authorized whenever a taxpayer's records do not display a complete and accurate record of taxable sales and tax collected thereon.

Please note also that this provision of the law has no application to vendors other than food service operators as defined in Chapter 3732 of the Ohio Revised Code nor to any other than sales and use tax levied by Chapter 5739 and 5741 of the Ohio Revised Code. It does not apply to taxes levied by any other chapter of the state law, or to any taxes levied by the federal government. Further, it may not apply to taxes levied by local governments.

If you elect to exercise this option, the Tax Commissioner has determined that for the calendar quarter April 1, 1997 through June 30, 1997 sales tax records must be maintained for the following fourteen days:

April 01, 1997 May 03, 1997 June 04,1997
April 09, 1997 May 11, 1997 June 12, 1997
April 17, 1997 May 19, 1997 June 20, 1997
April 20, 1997 May 27, 1997 June 28, 1997
April 25, 1997 June 30, 1997

If you have any questions, please call 1-888-405-4039.