Farm Use Questionnaire

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    Sowing seed
    Cultivating fields
    Spreading fertilizer on fields
    Spraying for insects, weeds, and rodents
    Hauling seed, grain, fertilizer, hay, and feed for livestock
    Loading and unloading manure
    Corralling loose livestock
    Picking up rocks from fields
    Repairing fencing
    Field inspection, soil sampling, and testing
    Cutting and hauling wood or brush
    Delivering meals, repair parts, or messages to the field
    Transporting harvested crops (within boundaries of the farm)
    Transporting farm machinery (within boundaries of the farm)
    Hauling trash and garbage
    Picking up mail
    Recreational activities (ex: riding, hunting, etc.)
    Other - please tell us about how you use your vehicle in the Description box below
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