Aircraft Questionnaire

  • In order to verify that you have complied with the sales and use tax provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, please complete this questionnaire and submit it with supporting documentation such as:

    * The actual sales invoice, purchase order, or lease agreement (please note that a copy of the FAA bill of sale is not sufficient documentation) and/or

    * Evidence of hangar location, if your aircraft is not registered in Ohio.

    If we determine use tax is due based upon documentation submitted, you will be notified.

    If the aircraft has been sold by you or your organization, please provide the name and address of the purchaser and, if you used a broker or dealer, the name and address of the third party handling the sale.

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  • I certify that the information I have given on this questionnaire is correct.

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  • If you desire to print a copy of this questionnaire, you must do so before you click, “Submit”.