Personal Property Tax

County Bulletin


FROM: Joanne Limbach, Tax Commissioner

DATE:  May 18, 1984

RE: Forms Revision - General Tax List and Duplicate

Am. Sub. H.B. 291, effective July 1, 1983, provides a tax exemption for tangible personal property used in business, of up to $10,000 of taxable value per taxpayer. It also provides for reimbursement by the State of taxes certified by the County Auditor to have been lost because of the exemption.

Am. Sub. H.B. 379 (114th G.A.), effective September 21, 1982, and Am. Sub.

H.B. 379 (115th G.A.), effective July 1, 1984, provide for charging interest on late payments of property taxes (and for payment of interest on tax refunds), and require such interest to be recorded separately from taxable values and penalties.

These statutory requirements make necessary a revision of the formats of the previously prescribed tax lists and duplicates used by County Auditors and Treasurers in recording assessments and collections of tangible personal property taxes.

The General Tax List (Form 906-A) and Duplicate (Form 906-B) have been revised to provide a column for recording the new $10,000 exemption which taxpayers may deduct from their reportable taxable value.

The Delinquent General Tax List (Form 906-C) and Duplicate (Form 906-D) have been revised to provide a column for the $10,000 exemption and a column for recording interest charges.

Attached are samples of the revised forms. It is recognized that offices utilizing data processing equipment or services will be unable to follow these formats precisely, but it is of major importance that none of the information be omitted.