Personal Property Tax

County Bulletin


FROM: Joanne Limbach, Tax Commissioner

DATE: October 31, 1983

RE: Personal property tax returns required to be filed in duplicate

With the enactment and signing into law of Am. Sub. H.B. 291 (the biennial budget bill, effective July 1, 1983), the prior requirement that personal property tax returns showing income yield of $500 or more or taxable value of $5,000 or more (and all returns of corporations) be made in duplicate is no longer applicable. For 1984 and subsequent years, all returns made by taxpayers engaged in business are to be filed in duplicate, with one copy and the balance sheet being for the use of the Tax Commissioner. Returns of intangible property only, filed by individuals, are not required to be filed in duplicate and are for the use of the County Auditor. For pre-1984 tax returns, the compliance and auditing functions remain as before; "county-size" returns are the County Auditor's responsibility. For subsequent years' returns, the Department is responsible for these functions with regard to all business returns; the County Auditor, for all intangibles-only returns filed by individuals.

The requirement that corporations having taxable property in more than one county file a combined tax return with the Tax Commissioner remains unchanged.