Personal Property Tax

County Bulletin

TO: ALL COUNTY AUDITORS - Bulletin No. 232

FROM: Robert J. Kosydar, November 15, 1971 Tax Commissioner

RE: Reproduction of Tax Forms.

This bulletin supersedes Bulletin No. 197, dated November 12, with reference to this subject

To achieve uniformity and to ease the burden of taxpayer compliance, permission is herewith granted to reproduce all prescribed Personal Property Tax Forms.

Such reproductions must reflect in every respect the forms as prescribed, including, each page of the prescribed form, schedule sequence, dimensions, and the paper stock of the reproductions shall be of a comparable weight and color of stock as the prescribed forms

Such reproduction must be completely legible in all respects, as to the form and the entries therein, and if not clear and legible the acceptance of the form for filing may be denied by the County Auditor or Department of Taxation.

Forms 910, 910-B, 911, 930 and 931 may be reproduced on a single sheet basis, assembled in proper page sequence and stapled.