FAQs - Pass Through Entity

Who should file IT 4708 Pass-Through Entity Composite Income Tax Return, and who should file Ohio IT 1140 Pass-Through Entity and Trust Withholding Tax Return?Can a PTE file both an IT 4708 on behalf of nonresident individual qualifying investors and an IT 1140 for the remaining nonresident individual qualifying investors who have not elected to be included in the IT 4708? Should all investors be reported on Schedule E - Investor Schedule of the IT 1140 or Schedule VI - Investor Information of the IT 4708?Am I subject to IT 2210 interest penalty on underpayment of estimated tax if this is my first year filing an annual return?Can I apply my current year overpayment towards my future year tax liability?Can an individual investor file a 2017 IT 1040 when the investor has been included in a 2017 IT 4708?Is a PTE subject to filing the Ohio IT 1140 if all nonresident individual investors file Ohio IT 1040 individual income tax returns?Can I file multiple IT 4708 tax returns for the same tax year to account for a short period?If a individual qualifying investor is included in an IT 1140, is the individual required to file the IT 1040 Ohio individual income tax return?Why can't PTEs owned by nonresident individuals who file and pay the Ohio IT 1040 provide a written statement to the PTE agreeing the nonresident individuals have nexus and exempt the PTE from filing the IT 1140 or the IT 4708?If a nonresident individual invests in several Ohio PTEs, can the nonresident individual be included in an IT 4708 for some PTEs and included in the IT 1140 for other PTEs?A PTE may choose to file either an IT 4708 or IT 1140. Since actual payments can be transferred from one PTE to the other for the same PTE return, shouldn't the tax liability computed on both returns be the same? Can PTE 1, who files an IT 1140, utilize a credit received by PTE 2 in which PTE 1 is an investor? Provide an example of a completed Ohio IT 4708 which sets forth an amount for a pass-through entity credit as part of the Total refundable business credits. Is PTE interest income taxable to Ohio if the individual investor is a nonresident individual? If a PTE’s interest income is also taxed by another state, can the nonresident investor claim a credit on the Ohio individual income tax return?If the PTE is not subject to Ohio tax, what is the procedure to recover an amount erroneously paid by the PTE via Ohio IT1140ES? On the Ohio IT 1140 (Sch. B) and IT 4708 (Sch. II), PTEs must add back the qualifying investors' shares of expenses and losses from transactions between the PTE and its related members. Please explain the reason for the add-back.What is a "related member"? Can you provide an example?Should the wages of a nonresident investor of an Ohio S corporation who lives in Michigan and works in Ohio be included on Ohio IT 1140 and/or IT 4708 if the investor-employee owns at least 20% of the Ohio S corporation, or does the reciprocity agreement between Michigan and Ohio apply? Can I make payments online?Ohio IT K-1 FAQs If I own 20% or more of a Pass Through Entity and received compensation from that Pass Through Entity utilizing a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) for payroll, is the compensation reclassified as business income?How can an indirect investor obtain a refund based on erroneous tax paid/withheld by the operating Pass Through Entity?Does the residency of the trustee determine the filing requirement for the trust when filing the IT 1041 Fiduciary Income Tax Return?