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Ohio SD-100 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to file the SD100 return?

You can use Ohio I-File for the SD100 return UNLESS you meet any one of the following:

  • You are attempting to file a school district tax return prior to tax year 2009.
  • You are attempting to file an Amended Ohio School District Tax return.
  • You are filing a return for a deceased taxpayer as the executor or guardian.
  • You have a foreign address or in care of address.
  • You do not have a social security number or taxpayer identification number.

What do you need before you begin to use Ohio I-File for your School District return?

You will need the following information:

  • You can utilize our self-registration process. If you are already registered during the current calendar year, your password is all you need to start the process;
  • Your completed Ohio income tax return. Most taxpayers must file the Ohio return but there are rare exceptions when the Ohio return is not required. Taxpayer's meeting this criterion can still file the school district return after completion of the registration process;
  • All of your W-2, W-2G, 1099 and K-1 forms;
  • Your checking or savings account information and bank routing number if you choose to directly deposit your refund or pay your tax by electronic check; and
  • Your credit card information for payment of a balance due. Accepted credit cards include American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA;
  • We recommend that you have a printer ready to print a copy of your return for your records.
  • You can choose to save your return in a portal document format (PDF) to your PC if your computer support Adobe Acrobat Viewing Software.

Note: If you reside in an alternative taxing district, you will not receive exemption and dependent amounts as prescribed in Ohio Revised Code Section 5748.

What are the benefits to using Ohio I-File for completing the school district return?

Ohio I-File performs calculations for you, reducing the need to use the tax tables or manually perform mathematical calculations thereby reducing the chance for error.

Ohio I-File eliminates the need for you to search through an instruction booklet for help. Now you can simply click on help for your line item instructions.

Ohio I-File will speed up your filing process. Once you input your tax information, simply select "I Agree - File My Return" and your tax return is filed with the Ohio Department of Taxation. You will immediately receive a unique confirmation number for your school district return that lets you know you have filed.

Ohio I-File will let you print your return as filed so that you will have a copy for your records. You can return anytime after you file your return until 12/1 of the calendar year in which you filed to obtain a copy of your return. You can also save your return to your Personal Computer if your Personal Computer has the Adobe Reader tools to support this function.

Ohio I-File is paperless. You do not need to send us a copy of your return or your W-2s unless requested by the department.

Ohio I-File will allow for most refunds to be received in as little as 10 to 15 business days from the date you file if you choose the direct deposit option.

Ohio I-File allows you to file and pay your school district taxes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means increased flexibility for you. In addition, you can prepare and file your school district tax return early in the season, but schedule your payment for anytime up to the tax due date of April 15th.

Best of all, Ohio I-File is FREE!

For important tips and information we recommend you read the entire list of Ohio I -File Frequently Asked Questions before you get started. 

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