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Introduction to Ohio IT-1040 I-File

Are you having trouble registering?

If the system does not accept your registration you will need to fax the following information:

1) On cover sheet:

a) Put to the attention of I-FILE REGISTRATION GROUP along with your e-mail address and
b) List your date of birth AND daytime phone number

2) Send clear copies of your Social Security card and at least one additional piece of the following documentation from the list below:

a) Your current, valid driver’s license or state issued identification card
b) U.S. passport
c) Military ID – both front and back sides required

3) If you do not have a social security number:

You must obtain a taxpayer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service and provide a copy of that document along with your date of birth and your current valid driver's license issued by a state or territory under the jurisdiction of the United States.

4) Please fax the above information to the I-FILE REGISTRATION Group at 1-206-600-6113 or email to    

Once all information is received and verified, we will add you to the Ohio I-File system.  Once added, you will be able to register and use Ohio I-File and Ohio E-Payment systems. We ask that you include a daytime telephone number or e-mail address in the event we have any questions or if  we are unable to add you to Ohio I-File system this tax season. If we cannot add you to the system this tax season, you will be advised to file by paper.

We are striving to offer 24 hour turnaround response time; however, during the Personal Income Tax filing season, there may be additional delays due to the volume of inquiries received.

NOTE: Information sent to the I-File Registration group is reviewed to determine eligibility for using Ohio’s electronic filing methods; however it does not guarantee that you will qualify. Based on our research if we are unable to verify the required information to add you to the I-File system you must complete and file a paper return (sign it and return it to the address indicated on the form). Please make sure you include copies of your W-2s.

For important tips and information we recommend you read the entire list of Ohio I -File Frequently Asked Questions before you get started. 

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