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What options do I have to pay my taxes through Ohio ePayment?

Ohio ePayment allows you to pay your tax due in one of three different methods:

Electronic Check
Using an electronic check is the equivalent of using your bank debit card to have money taken directly from your checking or savings account to pay the balance of the tax you owe. Using this method eliminates the need for writing a paper check.

Note: If you choose to make your payment using an electronic check, you should expect that your payment will be withdrawn within 24 hours of the date you authorize the payment. Regardless of the date you choose, you must make sure that the funds are in your account and available at the time you have authorized the withdrawal.

Credit Card
American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA Card payments are accepted. In order to process your payment, Official Payments Corporation, the credit card service provider, charges a service fee based on the amount of your transaction. This fee is paid directly to Official Payments Corporation. You cannot forward date your credit card payment. The date you authorize payment will be the date it is charged to your credit card.

The credit card transaction will appear on your credit card statement. The tax amount will be on one line, and the service fee amount on a separate line.

Split Payment
You may choose to make a split payment between electronic check and credit card. Enter the amount you want to be withdrawn from your checking or savings account, then enter the amount to be charged to your credit card.

Note: If a problem occurs in paying your Ohio tax liability electronically, you may be subject to penalties, interest and other fees imposed by the Ohio Department of Taxation for nonpayment or late payment of your tax liability.

For important tips and information we recommend you read the entire list of Ohio ePayment Frequently Asked Questions before you get started.

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