Individual Income Tax

Software Developers (MeF)

This page contains resources for software developers who want to keep up to date on Ohio's electronic filing requirements for the IT 1040 returns.

  • e-File Resources
    • MeF - Modernized e-File
      Modernized e-File uses XML to create and identify the various fields that make up the federal, state and school district income tax returns.
  • Ohio Tax Rule: Rule 5703-1-15 of the Ohio Administrative Code defines “electronic software provider” and establishes the commissioner’s criteria for approving an electronic software provider for participation in electronic filing programs and describes when the commissioner may rescind such approval. Please review the rule here.
  • e-File Assistance Contact Information: For software information and technical assistance only. Please do not provide to taxpayers. Taxpayers or preparers with questions regarding an Ohio individual or school district income tax return should call the taxpayer services number at 1-800-282-1780.

For more information please visit the IRS web site at

Software Developers (Paper Filers)

Software Developer Specifications

2019 Paper Forms Approval Status