FAQs - Individual Income Tax

What are some of the common errors that I may experience when filing electronically?

Some of the common difficulties include:

  • Withholding payments that exceed reasonability. This may delay the refund while we wait for copies of the W2s.
  • Taxpayers who give their preparers the wrong routing number and/or account number when requesting a refund or an ACH payment from a checking or savings account.
  • Taxpayers who give the preparer a deposit slip instead of a voided check to verify a routing or account number.
  • Software that picks up the address from last year’s return. Although this is beneficial, it causes problems when the taxpayer moves and doesn’t inform the preparer.
  • Taxpayers who move within seven days after filing a return.
  • Taxpayers who close bank accounts within seven days after they file a return.
  • Preparers who identify a school district with a name or name combination on the W-2, (e.g. Rey2509, Reynoldsburg, or SD 2509). You should only use the SD #, (e.g. 2509).