FAQs - Ohio I-File

Who is eligible to use Ohio I-File?What types of returns does Ohio I-File support?When can I use Ohio I-File?How much does it cost to use Ohio I-File?What are the benefits to using Ohio I-File for the individual income and/or school district income tax return(s)?What type of hardware and software is required?Can I get a copy of my return if I use Ohio I-File?Who do I contact if I have a question while using Ohio I-File?Is Ohio I-File secure?What do you need before you begin to use Ohio I-File?What is the process to register to use Ohio I-File? What should I do if I am unable to register?Must I submit copies of W-2s, 1099s, K-1s or supporting documentation with my return?What do I do if I cannot remember my password?What should I do if I have to log out of Ohio I-File before I have finished filing my return?How do I complete my Ohio individual and school district income tax returns when I am required to file both?Can I file multiple school district returns?Can I file my return now and return at a later time to select a payment option?Does Ohio I-File limit the amount of time you have to file your tax return?What if I make a mistake using Ohio I-File?Am I required to round to the nearest dollar?How do I sign my return?How do I know the Ohio Department of Taxation has received my return? What happens if I file my return on time but fail to pay by the filing deadline?Can I amend my return online?What do you need before you begin to use Ohio I-File for your school district return?What are the benefits to using Ohio I-File for completing the school district return?What options do I have to receive my refund through Ohio I-File?Will I receive a refund of $1.00 or less?What options do I have to pay my individual income or school district income tax due through Income Tax Online Services? Ohio I-File has calculated my balance due to be $1.00. Am I required to pay this amount? What should I do if I cannot pay my tax due when I electronically file my return?Can I still file and pay my taxes through Ohio I-File after the due date of the tax return?Can I file my tax return through Income Tax Online Services jointly with my deceased spouse?What is the due date of the tax return for the current tax year?