1099 FAQs

What is Form 1099-G / 1099-INT? I have not received a 1099-G before, why did I get this? What should I do with my Form 1099-G? Is this amount taxable on my IRS return?I received a 1099-G. Is this a refund that I should be receiving in the mail? I never received the refund or credit claimed on the 1099-G because it was captured/offset and applied to a prior Ohio liability. Why should I have to report the overpayment as income? I had an overpayment on a previous return, but the money was applied as a credit for the next tax year. Since I didn't receive a refund check, do I still have to report this as income on my federal tax return? The 1099-G states that the refund, credit carry forward, donation or offset was issued for a previous year and not the current year. Why should I have to report it on the following year's return? I did have a refund for the amount listed on the 1099-G, but I made a contribution to one of the donation funds on my tax return. Do I have to report this as income? Why is the amount on the 1099-G different from the refund or credit I claimed on my tax return? I claimed and paid use tax on my Ohio income tax return which reduced my overpayment amount. Why is the use tax amount added back to the refund amount on my 1099-G when I never received this money? I don't recall receiving a refund in that amount. How can I verify that it was issued? The address on the 1099-G is incorrect. How can I have it corrected? Do I need to attach the 1099-G to my return?Can I receive my 1099-G / 1099-INT electronically?How long will my 1099-G / 1099-INT remain online to be accessed? What software requirements are needed to view my 1099-G / 1099-INT? Are tax preparers able to obtain the 1099-G for their clients?Can I go paperless with my 1099-G / 1099-INT?How long will my consent to receive an electronic 1099-G / 1099-INT remain in effect?How do I get a copy of the consent form (terms of service) for electronic notification that my 1099-G / 1099-INT is available for electronic viewing in lieu of receiving a paper copy through the postal mail?How do I obtain a paper copy of my 1099-G / 1099-INT after withdrawing consent?