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2008 Tangible Personal Property Tax Replacement Fund Distributions

The attached spreadsheet displays the amounts reimbursed in 2008 for the elimination of the tangible personal property tax as given in HB 66 (FY 2006/FY 2007 Biennial Operating Budget; 126th General Assembly). The spreadsheet contains 89 separate worksheets. Each worksheet contains the reimbursements for all local government taxing districts and levies within a given county. The last worksheet contains county-wide totals.

The worksheets will display the amounts that are sent by the Department of Taxation to the county auditors for distribution to the local governmental entities within their respective counties. The amounts displayed are for the May, August, and October 2008 distributions. These are given for each district and for each levy within that district. The distribution total for 2008 as well as each month’s distribution are displayed. The distributions are for 1/7 of the 2008 total for May 2008 and 3/7 of the 2008 total in both August and October. Please note, that due to rounding adjustments, October’s distribution may be slightly higher than August’s.

The amounts given are for the Local Government Property Tax Replacement Fund distributions (Fund 7081) and do not represent reimbursements to school districts. Fund 7081 is administered by the Ohio Department of Taxation and monies are sent by Taxation to the respective county auditors for the crediting of county, municipal, township, and special district levies only. The Ohio Department of Education administers the School District Property Tax Replacement Fund (Fund 7047).