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Distributions - Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax

  • Overview
  • Distribution Dates
    • Gasoline Excise Tax Fund (Fund 7060): 15th of each month
    • Effective 1/1/18 and pursuant to H.B. 26, revenue that flowed through the State and Local Government Highway (SLGH) Distribution Fund 7068 will be directed to the Gasoline Excise Tax Fund 7060. The SLGH revenue is still distinguishable per ORC 5735.051 (A)(2)(a), thus there is not a monetary impact. There will be one distribution instead of two. Please use the reports under the “Current Year Gasoline Excise Tax Distributions” section to differentiate them. The column referred to as “Amount per divisions A(2)(b), B(2), and C(2) of R.C. 5735.051” is 7060 (what used to be received by the 25 th of the month) and the column referred to as “Amount per division A(2)(a)(iii) of R.C. 5735.051” is SLGH (what used to be received by the 15 th of the month).