Revenue Accounting

Welcome to the Revenue Accounting Division. The resources listed below are designed for local government officials seeking more information about the distributions of state revenue to local governments.

Revenue Distribution

Choose one of the links below for current and historical information of the distributions of revenue for a particular tax or fund.

Other resources

Other resources for local officials are listed below.

  • Tax Data Exchange  — The Ohio Department of Taxation can provide municipal corporations with specific taxpayer information on individuals who may be subject to municipal income tax, based on the individual's filing for the 2017 taxable year. If your municipality is interested in receiving this information, please complete and return the Tax Data Exchange Application before September 30, 2018.
  • OAKS EFT payment codes (Word) — This is a key to the codes used by OAKS (the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System) in the processing of electronic fund transfers.
  • Revenue Accounting forms Local officials are required to make a number of revenue-related reports to the Department of Taxation each year. Chose this option for a list of these forms.