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Are the gross casino revenue tax distributions consistent with estimates previously produced?

The only published estimates by the Department of Taxation are those released in October 2009 for the casino ballot issue. Those estimates were released in compliance with a statutory requirement that the Department of Taxation produce an estimate for any new tax proposed by an initiated state ballot issue. The estimates were based on a set of assumptions indicated in the document (

The 2009 estimates were intended to reflect the first full year in which four casinos were in operation, with no indication as to when that may occur. In contrast, the July 2012 fund deposits reflect taxes paid by two casinos that were operating for only a portion of the second quarter of 2012. Fund deposits for future quarters will be larger than the July 2012 deposits, because those upcoming quarters will reflect three full months of activity at the Cleveland and Toledo casinos. Eventually, the deposits will also reflect activity occurring at the Columbus and Cincinnati casinos once those facilities commence operations.