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I've been contacted by the Ohio Department of Taxation regarding my stock option compensation. What do I need to provide?

You should provide all of the following items:

  • Copies of your US form 1040 Individual Income Tax returns for any year(s) in question;
  • A copy of all W-2(s) and a detailed breakdown of the compensation reported;
  • Residency information detailing the dates in which Ohio residency was established and distinguished;
  • Detail relating to each stock option transaction including:
    • The number of shares exercised;
    • The grant date;
    • The grant price;
    • The exercise date; AND
    • The exercise price.
  • A breakdown of total days worked inside of Ohio and outside of Ohio for the issuing company from grant until exercise [assume a 260-day work year];
  • Explanation of your position and duties performed leading to the stock option compensation and any other compensation earned in Ohio;
  • A copy of any employment agreement or compensation plan if applicable.