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Why is my residency status important?

An Ohio resident is subject to Ohio’s individual income tax on all of their income. A resident taxpayer is allowed a “resident” credit for the lesser of income subjected to tax in another state, or the amount of tax paid to another state on that income. Conversely, a nonresident is allowed a “nonresident” credit for all income not earned or received in Ohio.

So, for example, if the income is from a state that imposes no tax, a resident will get no credit, but a nonresident will. If the income is earned in Ohio, both the resident and the nonresident will be subject to Ohio tax.

A part-year resident is eligible for the nonresident credit for the portion of the year they were a nonresident and eligible for the resident credit for the portion of the year they were a resident.

See R.C. 5747.05(A), (B) and (C).