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When is a taxpayer required to pay an interest penalty on his/her IT 1040 or SD 100?

Generally, taxpayers owe an interest penalty on their IT 1040 and/or SD 100 for failing to pay, or underpaying, their estimated taxes for the tax year. However, a taxpayer does not owe any interest penalty on their IT 1040 or SD 100 if their current year Ohio tax liability (for tax year 2017, IT 1040 line 10 minus line 16) less taxes paid (for tax year 2017, IT 1040, line 14 plus line 15 if made timely) is less than or equal to $500. Additionally, even if a taxpayer's Ohio tax liability owed exceeds $500, the taxpayer still does not owe any interest penalty if his/her 2016 overpayment credit carryforward, 2017 Ohio withholding, and timely paid 2017 Ohio estimated payments were greater than or equal to either of the following:

  • 100% of the prior year's total Ohio tax liability -or-
  • 90% of the current year's total Ohio tax liability