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I received an Ohio identity confirmation quiz letter, and wish to take the quiz. What should I do?

If you received an Ohio identity confirmation quiz letter, this indicates that an Ohio income tax return was filed in your name and a refund is requested on this return.

How to take the Quiz:

You must have your Reference number, Authorization code (listed on your notice) as well as your Refund amount.

We strongly encourage you use the Online option, since this approach will greatly increase the speed of receiving your refund.

Online-Best option                            



By Telephone

  • 1-855-855-7579
  • A tax representative will access the online quiz and read questions to you
  • Limited to ODT business hours (M-F, 8:00AM- 5:00PM) and wait times may be long depending on call volumes

Check My Refund Status: After successfully completing your quiz, the processing of your return will continue. You can check your refund status at (Check My Refund Status), through ODT's Mobile App or by calling our automated refund hotline at 1-800-282-1784.