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How can an employer/business report a breach of employee W-2 data?

Within the last year the IRS, State tax agencies and tax industry leaders have become aware of a W2 email phishing scam that is targeting not only the corporate world but school districts and small businesses as well. This scam is currently labeled as one of the most dangerous email phishing scams and can result in large-scale theft of sensitive data criminals can use to commit tax fraud and other various crimes.

The IRS, State tax agencies and tax industry leaders are working together to share the news of employer data breaches with the appropriate parties. We have also enacted numerous safeguards to identify fraudulent returns filed through scams like this.

Steps for employers/businesses (not individual employees*) to take:

1. Contact both the IRS and state taxing agencies by phone and/or e-mail:

    By phone:
    Internal Revenue Service:       1-800-829-1040
    Ohio Department of Taxation: 1-800-282-1780
    By e-mail:
    Internal Revenue Service:
    All states:                     
    Ohio Department of Taxation:

2. Please provide the following information:

     a. Company Name and FEIN
     b. Contact Name, Title, and Phone number
     c. Summary of events which occurred

     *Employees please refer to FAQ’s 5-7.