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Is Form FT 1120 S (Notice of S Corporation Status) required for tax years after 2009?

No. The Office of the Tax Commissioner issued a waiver of “notice of S election” reporting requirements for S corporations for corporation franchise tax year 2010 and tax year 2011 by a Journal Entry dated October 19, 2010 and Journal Entry dated October 12, 2011.

However, starting with tax year 2009, the investor information will be incorporated into the pass-through entity returns (see forms IT 1140 and IT 4708 for more information). These forms are located on our Web site by clicking here and choosing "Pass-Through Entity Tax". Please note that if the pass-through entity has all full-year Ohio resident investors, the entity is not required to file the IT 4708 or the IT 1140 and this investor information will not be reported on these forms.



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