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How to protect your child from identity theft?

Child identities may be a sought after commodity for identity thieves because they have minimal or no credit history, no tax filing history, and are unsuspecting victims. Identity thieves may use children’s identities to perpetuate financial fraud (including but not limited to) filing false tax returns without their parent or guardian’s knowledge.

To protect your child, you may want to:

1. Check their credit reports (or lack thereof) annually to ensure they are not identity theft victims. If you have not applied for credit under your child’s name but a credit report already exists for him or her, it is an indication that they may be an identity theft victim.

2. Place a security freeze on their credit at all three major credit bureaus. The security freeze can then be lifted upon request from the parent/guardian or when the child is old enough to open a credit card or obtain a loan.




By taking these two steps, you may be able to help protect your child from becoming an identity theft victim and prevent future issues which may arise.