Frequently Asked Questions

The Ohio Department of Taxation has compiled a list of frequently asked questions covering many different categories.

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Can I amend my return online?

No. At this time, Ohio I-File only allows you to file an original Ohio individual income tax return, form IT-1040, or an original Ohio school district income tax return, form SD-100. 

If you realize you have made an error after I-Filing your return, you will be required to file an Ohio amended individual income tax return and\or an Ohio amended school district tax return. You may obtain copies of these forms at

If you would like a form faxed or mailed to you, please call our Automated Forms Request line, toll free 1-800-282-1782.

NOTE: Third party tax software companies offer options to file amended returns electronically. Taxpayers are strongly encouraged to utilize this method when amending their Ohio individual and/or school district tax returns.